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Welcome to Poyntonia, a wonderful world where you can relax, enjoy yourself and brag about your Poynting antenna!

Over the last couple of years, we have seen more and more *Poyntonians popping-up all over the internet, sharing their stories, photos, and videos of how our antennas help them. Whether they work remotely, want a faster connection for gaming or want to take the road less travelled but still stay in touch – a Poynting antenna helped, and they told the world.

This got us thinking … how can we get access to more of these stories? Because between you and me, and don’t let the engineers hear this, an antenna is not that exciting! But what they can let you do, is very exciting. And this is where YOU come in… we need your unique stories, interesting photos, and man, do we need videos. Lots of them – please!

But how do we get them without e-mail threads that will make a grown woman cry?

People love Poynting antennas, and more importantly love what Poynting antennas can do for them!

We created a fun portal and we found the cutest Froggie who lives in the wonderful world of Poyntonia – (I mean is that a match made in heaven or what). Then we get people of the internet to tell us their stories.
 So, if you are like the people below – let us know how you use your Poynting Antenna!

@JaneDoe – driving in a van in Scotland – let us know how the Poynting antenna on your roof let you watch the cows while you work.

@JohnSmith giving online Yoga lessons from the Outer Hebrides – tell us how a Poynting antenna reduced the buffering of your classes.

@PeterPan deep sea fishing off the Gold Coast in Australia – tell us how you can now send images to shore of the one that didn’t get away!

See Our list of achievements to complete to gain more Poynts.

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